Living With Water

The economy and quality of life in Coastal Virginia are dependent upon and enhanced by the water we live with: the rivers that flow through the region, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, the Southern Watersheds of Hampton Roads, the Atlantic coast, and the land bordering those waters. At the same time, living with water can pose significant challenges for the residents of Coastal Virginia, ranging from protecting water quality to adapting to sea level rise. Those challenges are best met by collaboration among the business, scientific and environmental communities, working with Federal, state and local governments, to preserve economic prosperity and quality of life in our water dependent region.


VCC works collaboratively, bringing the business, scientific and environmental communities together to address environmental issues, build mutual understanding, and educate environmental groups, businesses, government organizations and the public on opportunities for collaborative solutions to environmental challenges.

Building Bridges

VCC supports policies and initiatives that promote a healthy environment, living with the water, and economic vitality. VCC does not participate in activities or endorse positions that require it to take sides with either the business or environmental community against the other. Rather, VCC seeks to promote collaboration in developing solutions that address the concerns of both sides. VCC promotes best practices by preserving and enhancing proven techniques while encouraging effective new approaches developed in our community or elsewhere.


VCC is non-partisan. When consistent with its mission, VCC takes positions on regional environmental issues and advocates specific solutions that both enhance the environment, and foster economic prosperity in Coastal Virginia.

© Virginia Coastal Coalition 2013

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